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  • Offer tranparency.
  • Gain client trust.
  • Increase returns.
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Vantage Insight™
Vantage Deal Suite™
Vantage Investor™
Vantage Fund Accounting™

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Fact Sheet

  • Company Brochure

    At Vantage Software, we’ve leveraged our deep understanding of alternative investment operations to develop applications.

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  • Vantage Investor™

    Provides the tools to service current and prospective investors, including marketing, account management, client accounting and reporting.

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  • Coalesce™

    Intelligent software for investment research and risk analysis

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  • Vantage Insight™

    A web-based analysis and reporting platform for investment managers and investors

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  • Vantage Deal Suite™

    Manage the deal lifecycle with powerful online collaboration and reporting tools.

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